Becoming a member of Thanet Creative Writers is one of the best ways to support creative writing in Thanet.

Membership is open to all including to other organisations and charities as well as individuals.

Although we expect that this will be of most interest to those from Kent, UK, we are open to anyone from any part of the world.

We have an overview of the benefits of membership which tells you more about why it is a great idea to join us. You can also learn about our current trustees.

How to join

You can become a member by asking at any of our events where a member or trustee will be on hand to take you through the incredibly simple process.

You can find out more about upcoming events in our Facebook group. We run a weekly Tea and Chat for writers and are planning a poetry evening.

you will need

  • To tell us your name
  • To provide some contact details
  • A donation of at least £1 for the year

The whole application takes less than two minutes. It really is very simple.