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Update: Thanet Creative Writers has renamed to Thanet Creative.

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Since the charity launch on the 2nd February 2017, Thanet Creative Writers is also a charity.

The charity exists to support projects that promote Creative Writing in Thanet. How much support we can offer depends on the generosity of our members, how much time members can volunteer, and any grants or funding we receive.

Thanet Creative Writers the Charity is very much a community driven enterprise. It is run by our members for both members and non-members alike. However, members gain access to a number of benefits unique to our members (see below for more on that).

Having a large membership base is important to our aims as it allows us to address governments, local councils, funding bodies, and other large organisations on behalf of our members. The more members we have, the bigger voice the charity will have for representing the interests of our members and the promotion of creative writing in Thanet.

Subject to a few common sense prerequisites, anyone interested in promoting creative writing in Thanet can become a member of the charity.

Charity Membership has five key benefits.

  1. The right to attend and vote at AGMs and to stand for election as a trustee.
  2. The right to apply to have your event or project listed as an official Thanet Creative Writers project. Which means:
    • The event or project will be listed and promoted on this site and in other materials published by Thanet Creative Writers.
    • Access to financial support (if we have the funds).
    • Support and advice.
    • The right to put the words “Thanet Creative Writers presents” on promotional material if you wish to.
    • The right to use “Thanet Creative Writers” as part of your event of group name if you wish.
  3. The right to sponsor the membership of your friends and supporters.
  4. The right to attend official Thanet Creative Writers events, even ones not open to the general public.
  5. Priority registration for events with limited places.

Requirements of membership

To be a member of the charity you will need one of the following:

  • sponsored by existing members; or
  • be present at the foundation of the charity; or
  • added by elected trustees

and all of the following

  • be interested in promoting creative writing in Thanet
  • willing to be a member
  • not engaged in activities directly at odds with the aims of the charity

We ask members to make a yearly donation of at least one pound (£1) but that requirement will be waived for members present at the founding of the charity or serving as a trustee.

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