There are all sorts of online groups and forums for writers to join. This listing is specifically for Thanet based writer forums. We have limited the listing to online groups and forums that have been recommended by out members. While there might be others, some of them potentially very good, as there are so many we have only listed those that we can recommend through personal experience.

Forums and Boards

We do not currently have any recommendations of specifically Thanet based writers’ forums. Perhaps you would like to recommend one for us to try?

Facebook Groups and Pages

We will be deliberately excluding non-family friendly groups as well as any that seem to be too interested in playing at politics, cliques, or other unfriendly things. Groups listed here will only be of the friendly and welcoming kind.

General Writers’ Groups

Poetry Groups

Other Groups


Reddit is a link sharing and discussion board. Members are free to create new topic areas and set the “rules” for them.

Thanet’s Writers’ Subreddits

Thanet’s other Subreddits


Do you know of any other online spaces where writers can connect and talk?

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