The muse is strong with this one

Sometimes a simple conversation can spark a the most profound ideas. As writers, when the muse comes calling it is a rare and beautiful thing. However when we are already working hard on something it is easy to ignore our muse.

I have always held that when inspiration strikes – when Lady Muse graces us – we writers should run with it while we have the chance.

For me, this happened just recently. I was talking with Sam, one of the writers that comes to the creative writer’s group that I host and I said something like:

When the muse is with you, make the most of her.

To which Sam replied that I should put that on a t-shirt. The muse was strong with us in that moment and I did just that.

May the muse be with you

I also put it on a mug along with:

May the muse be with you

Mainly because I am a total geek, like that.

In fact there is a whole shop being set up with these designs.

Now you can buy a t-shirt with that advice on it. Profits will go to the Thanet Creative Writers Charity to help fund things for writers in Thanet.

When the muse is with you...