Thanet Creative Writers Tea and Chat

Hands and paper

Tea and Chat is a weekly event run by Thanet Creative Writers and hosted by yours truly.

Tea and chat is not the only writers’ group in Thanet but it is one that I have a particular fondness for. Not only because I host it but because of the wonderful people that make up the group. I don’t want to name names or embarrass anyone but we have some fantastic individuals with true talent and, most importantly, a very friendly community.

While most weeks we tend to share work and receive valuable feedback we have no fixed agenda and will talk about whatever the writers at the gathering wish to talk about.

One week, we helped an attendee revise her CV and since then she has had a lot of interviews whereas before she was getting very few. I love the fact that we were able to combine our skills as writers to truly help another person and make the world a little bit better.

We meet every Tuesday at 7.30pm. The address and phone number is at the bottom of every page. There will be tea (lots of types of tea), a cat, laughter, and a warm welcome.

Anyone is welcome to come along as we are a friendly bunch of assorted people from all sorts of walks of life.