Author Buzz

Author Buzz is a new website which Thanet Creative Writers is strongly supporting.

The site aims to be both a networking and profile building platform for authors. A place for writers to interact with readers. A place for readers to find great books. In short, a place to catch “the buzz” about emerging and established authors.

You can read more about our involvement with Author Buzz on our new Author Buzz blog.


TCW: Wiki

Thanet Creative Writers have a wiki. It can be found on Reddit (where we have a few outposts for different types of content).

A wiki is a site or page that anyone can edit (you’ve probably even the Wikipedia which runs on this model). Admittedly the Thanet Creative Writers wiki is not perfect, but that’s where you can come in – after all, anyone can edit it.

The purpose of the wiki is, well, it is for everything and anything that the community feels like maintaining or writing about.

One of our best pages so far is “Help, I’ve just arrived from Facebook“. That’s a page introducing Reddit to our group members that usually hang out on Facebook.


Reddit Places

Thanet Creative Writers run two subReddits where you can share things.

Thanet Creative Writers Reddit – this is for links that are about Thanet Creative writers specifically. It is also a reddit for asking us questions.

Writers of Thanet – this is an open forum for sharing things about writers and Thanet. Anything writer, poet, or author related that has a connection to Thanet is good here. Share your poems, promote events, even some blog posts (although there are rules about over doing it with blogs).

Creative Writers’ Blog

What website for and about writers would not include a blog to allow writers to express themselves?

Thanet Creative Writers features a blog to which all members of the Thanet Creative Writers charity are entitled to be contributors and indeed, all writers from Thanet are welcome too.

To submit, you simply need to apply to become a contributor and then, once invited to join in you can write when and if you are ready to.

Here are some of our more recent posts.

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Nathan McGrath: spam or fan? - Nathan McGrath is, by all accounts, an author. His site (to which I am not linking shows he has written 3 books. So why is he scraping out content? I first noticed Nathan McGrath when I saw an unusual ping on another WordPress blog I write for. What was unusual was that the ping title and body were … Continue reading Nathan McGrath: spam or fan?
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Thanet Creative Writers Facebook Group

Thanet Creative Writers have been running Facebook groups since early 2013.

Our group is used to talk about writing, ask questions, and seek beta readers for feedback on our writing. It is also where our events are promoted. At the start of 2017, there were around 70 members with about 3 new members a week being added.

Our current group was started after four members tried to take over the original one but discovered that most of our members simply left with us to somewhere a touch safer.

There is a second group which will serve as the launching platform for new initiatives as well as a coordination point for the charity itself.

Anyone may join our group but due to recent spam attacks, we like to talk to new members first, just to see that you are a real person. Talking to new members also helps us understand what we can do to serve the needs of our members

Visit our Facebook Group