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What website for and about writers would not include a blog to allow writers to express themselves?

Thanet Creative Writers features a blog to which all members of the Thanet Creative Writers charity are entitled to be contributors and indeed, all writers from Thanet are welcome too.

To submit, you simply need to apply to become a contributor and then, once invited to join in you can write when and if you are ready to.

Here are some of our more recent posts.

I think I might be a god - You have reached a startling conclusion – maybe you are a god. This week’s Fiction Friday prompt is what do you do if you think you are a god? I think I might be a god Each week I post a prompt I also try and post some of the obvious questions that the prompt … Continue reading I think I might be a god
Week 11: Winners - Eleven down, one to go. The second to last batch of winners is about to be announced. Quite indulgently we asked you to write about what you loved most about Thanet Creative Writers. If I am honest, the thought “how can I ask people to blog about us” was how I ended up with “wouldn’t … Continue reading Week 11: Winners
Plotting or Pantsing: What is best for me? - And so we come to the last theme of our competition. One last hurrah and then the big vote off. Back when I was thinking up this idea I thought that ending on a reflection about if planning or discovery writing was best was a great idea for platform building. You guys have taken things … Continue reading Plotting or Pantsing: What is best for me?
Hands and paper Favourite line that you cut from a story - The editing process can be brutal. Often you have to cut something that you loved because it does not work with the rest of the story. What is your favourite line that you cut from a story? Just as importantly, why would you write a blog post about it? There is an oft-repeated proverb for writers: … Continue reading Favourite line that you cut from a story
Peace of writing - There have, over the past year or so, been some fairly negative moments in the Thanet literary scene. That’s sad, so let’s fix it. Thanet Creative Writers can’t, as a single charity, solve every problem in Thanet but maybe we can set an example and take the first step. Let me first address some of … Continue reading Peace of writing