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What website for and about writers would not include a blog to allow writers to express themselves?

Thanet Creative Writers features a blog to which all members of the Thanet Creative Writers charity are entitled to be contributors and indeed, all writers from Thanet are welcome too.

To submit, you simply need to apply to become a contributor and then, once invited to join in you can write when and if you are ready to.

Here are some of our more recent posts.

Where is poetry going in Thanet? - Does poetry in Thanet exist in a bubble or is it more outward looking? Is it something solid that is growing or something that is over-inflated and will soon go pop? I think most of us would probably answer that poetry in Thanet is substantive, outward looking, and has a bright future. I know that … Continue reading Where is poetry going in Thanet?
Week Three Winners - As you get stuck into the Week Four Theme, it is time to announce the winners of week three. You might have noticed that the winners’ post has come a little later this week. This is because I have started to experiment with the timing of this second post. I wondered if waiting a few … Continue reading Week Three Winners
Why I write in my genre - Here is this week’s theme for the writing competition that also builds your author platform. For full details please see week one’s post. Week Four: Competition Theme This is the theme for this week. Closing date to have posted it online is midnight on Monday the 27th. Why I write in my genre You can … Continue reading Why I write in my genre
Everything you ever wated to know about sharing links - During the competition, I have had a lot of people direct questions to me on the subject of sharing links. I am going to try and explain everything I know in a way that I hope will be useful. In my opening paragraph, you might have noticed some differently coloured clickable text. The word “competition” links … Continue reading Everything you ever wated to know about sharing links
The benefits of being a full member - Thanet Creative Writers is a charity. To be precise, Thanet Creative Writers is an unincorporated charitable association. What that means is that Thanet Creative Writers is run by its members. You can come along to our events, join our online groups, contribute to our blog, take part in contests, and everything else without being a … Continue reading The benefits of being a full member