We at Thanet Creative Writers are no fans of bullies or poor behaviour. This page details some guidelines for dealing with such behaviour.

Tell someone

If the behaviour of another person is making you uncomfortable you should tell someone you trust. Do that first. Let those close to you know what you are going though sot hey can offer you support. They may feel more comfortable asking the person to stop.

Talk to the person, if you can

If you feel able to, you should always be to try and talk privately with the person and explain how their behaviour has left you feeling. We have found that most of our members would be horrified to think that they have upset someone and you may find that this solves your problem.

Dealing with threats or assault

Threats and physical attacks should be reported directly to the police immediately. Once the matter has been dealt with by the authorities you may wish to alert us to the existence of a problem but you are under no obligation to do so.

Report it to us

Addressing the person directly may not always be possible or may be too uncomfortable. That’s okay, we understand. You can also talk to us and let us help you.