Thanet Creative Writers are nothing if not creative. Here is a list of all (or most) of the projects that (officially) are being run by our members.

This page is out of date. Please check our new project page for an up to date list.

Sunday Writers

This is the second writer’s group run by Thanet Creative Writers similar to the Tuesday Tea and Chat event. However, Sunday Writers is focused more strongly on training and learning. The first Sunday writers’ meeting will take place on 17 September at 19:30   Further information about Sunday Writers can be found on our new website under…

Author Buzz

Author Buzz is a new website which Thanet Creative Writers is strongly supporting.

TCW: Wiki

Thanet Creative Writers have a wiki. It can be found on Reddit where we have a few outposts for different types of content.

Reddit Places

Thanet Creative Writers run two subReddits where you can share things.

Thanet Creative Writers’ on Tumblr

Thanet Creative Writers should be available and open to people where they are so we have opened a Tumblr account.

The Muse

The muse is a brand of images addressing the slippery nature of inspiration. All proceeds go to TCW.

TCW Poetry Circle

The group will be for absolute beginners up to and including professional poets.

Hands and paper

Thanet Creative Writers: Tea and Chat

Hosted by Matt at his home, each week with no fixed agenda so writers can address whatever they feel they need to.