Hmm, we need a new idea

I am not always the fastest when it comes to realising something just in not working. I’m more of the “must try harder” school of thought.

That said, I can see that my big idea for the grand finish is not being run up too many flag poles for a salute.

I figured combining Reddit (which can be great for traffic) with the final vote was the best option. Reddit, I reasoned, allows anyone to sign up. We can all post our stuff and all vote for a winner.

Like I say from time to time:

I’m moving to theory. Everything works there.

Reddit, for all I think it is great for platform building is not a place you guys seem happy to play.

Maybe, if I had been paying a bit more attention, I might have figured this out sooner.

I am at a bit of a loss as to what to suggest for the final vote. There was so much great content written during the contest that it seems a shame not to have a vote for a winner.

The floor is open. Who would like to take the mic and make a suggestion?

4 thoughts on “Hmm, we need a new idea

  1. I think you will have to don your Lord Matt hat and pick one!

    This was such a great idea and a couple of us stuck with it to the bitter, if not somewhat delayed, end.

    Why not go back to the beginning and use that format. Best overall post, best overall comment and then maybe runners up and ‘wooden spoon’ for something? Or something along those lines…

    Go on Matt. Let’s end this!

    PS; When you do this next time – which I hope you do – perhaps limit it to 6 weeks as I think some people felt unable to commit for the full whammy (life gets in the way sometimes!)

    Thank you, oh judicious one.

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  2. Maybe there should just be awards for those who made it right to the end – or maybe you don’t need to do anything at all, except award yourself a massive pat on the back for coming up with the idea and getting some of us to create blogs where they didn’t exist before and to write to weekly prompts (where time allowed). Well done to you, I’d say!

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