Week 9 and 10 Winners

Here it is, a bit late but nevertheless here all the same. Two sets of winners.

Week 9: My Favourite book

The theme of Week 9 was My Favourite Book Ever. The thinking behind this theme from a platform building perspective was that telling readers about the writers that influenced you would help you connect with readers who like the same writers that you do.

There are only two winners for this week. This is because exactly zero people managed to get a link for it posted in the Reddit. An easy win missed by one and all. I am a titchy bit worried that I might have confused you with the change of direction mid-contest. If I’ve not been clear you will say so with a comment, right?

There was just one link in the Reddit but for a blog rather than a blog post. So, erm, no. I’m not going to count it.

Also, the lower than expected number of pings for this week had me checking all the blogs in the Directory, just in case I had missed one.

Week 9: Best Post

Although there were fewer entries for this week, the one that really got to me was Tiger by Jess Joy. It was a story that hits you right in the feels and at the same time points to a well-loved book too. By doing both Jess wins the crown for best post.

Week 9: Best Comment

There were some amazing comments to be found on each of the blogs that entered the week 9 competition. I was almost tempted to award the prize to a non-competitor. I have to say, you guys have some amazing readers. Well done.

After much deliberation, I was left with two comments and could not pick which one would be the winner. In the end, I picked Jess Joy’s comment so I could link to another deserving blog. Click through and give the post the comment is for a read. You will not regret it.

Week 10: What mistake do I make most with writing?

This theme, mistakes with writing, was designed originally as an introspective. Sometimes being honest with your readers about your weaknesses can be a good thing. As a platform builder, that vulnerability could act as a catalyst for connection.

As always you took the theme and turned it into a reading extravaganza that went places I could never have imagined when I suggested this contest.

After the original deadline, I even had a go with the theme on my new writing blog. Don’t worry, it would not be fair for me to even consider including it as an entry. I’m the judge for this after all.

As I noted for week 9, there are only two winners for this week too.

Week 10: Best Post

I have a confession. Stroking my ego works. I love getting mentioned. But this is not why this week’s winner was a winner. I loved the use of dramatic irony to also call back to all the other posts as a meta-index of entries. Brilliant. AUTHORity takes the crown in week 10.

Week 10: Best comment

Picking a “best” comment this for week 10 was even harder than week 9. I finally settled on this comment by Kentish Rambler. Not only was the comment on a post that deserved a mention (it is just as good as the winner) but it really typified a good comment.

Final thoughts

I think we all noticed how badly I have been lagging of late. In fact, last week there was no winner post nor a new theme. That’s my bad and I am sorry.

The new theme will be live on Tuesday in the normal slot. I needed to give myself a clear week off (to catch up). Hopefully, we are back on track with two weeks left to go. I hope, even if you do not write anymore or even if you join us late and only write for the last few themes, that you will come back and vote for a grand winner.

I was a bit disappointed that BradySpice aka L. L. Winder did not enter either of these competitions themes. I noticed recently that I have yet to award her a victory and she most certainly deserves one. There are only two left. So, please, hon, come back and write some more.

The fact is that without exception your posts have all be amazing and worthy of a prize. It was delightfully hard choosing a winner each week.

Well done to everyone who has kept up. At least 50% of the secret of writing is to just keep writing things down. Talking of which someone was so keen to get on with it that they have already written next week’s entry. Now that is commitment.

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