Advice Winners

Here is some free advice: Keep track of things you need to do that have a deadline.

That was some advice that this week I should have been paying attention to. Which is somewhat ironic as the competition theme for last week was about advice.

It seems I managed to confuse myself and not publish the winners. So, better late than never, here they are. Before w get to that, let me say you cannot win if you do not enter. And now on with the show, as they say.

Winning by votes

To win this section you had to post a link in Writers of Thanet. This week was a tie between first place winner nwillcox and first place winner ProfBenj.

Winning comment

Picking a winning comment was, this week, the hardest thing for me to do. After much mind changing and debate I settled on this comment by Jess Joy. Comments that show that you read the post are always a kindness and (if you ask me) always welcome.

Winning post

I write poetry myself and my internal critic voices its opinions about all poets. Thus I am very critical of other poets inside my head that my one rule is that I keep my thoughts to myself. I’m telling you this to try and give you a feel for just how impressed I was with the winner this week.

Don’t, just don’t by Authority is something everyone should read. It is that good!

Over to you

We are about to hit the deadline for this week’s competition and I am about to do this all over again. Feel free to nag if I take too long posting the next batch of winners.

Who was your pick for best post and why?


2 thoughts on “Advice Winners

  1. I’m not going to hit this week’s deadline for writing something, so I intend to go FULL COMMENTARY (don’t worry too much, I’ll probably be nice).


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