Preview of coming attractions

Jump into your time machine and take a trip with me to three weeks ahead. That’s how many weeks are left in our competition.

In a dramatic break with tradition, I am going to disclose the themes for the next three weeks early. I will still post the theme post, for you to link to. Nevertheless, here is a sneak peek at what those themes will be.

  • What mistake do I make most with writing?
  • The thing I love most about Thanet Creative Writers
  • Plotting or Pantsing: What is best for me?

When the themes are all done, we will have a public vote for the best overall post. That will take place at a dedicated Reddit forum which you can find if you look hard enough. (Hint, I’ve linked it in another post).

So, that is what is coming up. Hopefully, this will help you turbo charge you creativity and finish the 12-week competition with a bang.

6 thoughts on “Preview of coming attractions

  1. Hmm. This is all very well, Lordmatt, but it’s now Friday (12th, not 13th!) and I don’t know whether I’m allowed to post my beautiful and inspiring piece on ‘The Thing I Love Most About Thanet Creative Writers’ until you’ve provided the new link. C’mon, I beg you, you’re leaving your regular contributors adrift in a sea of homeless words …

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