Thanet Writers’ Groups (Updated)

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Last year we posted a list of writer groups that take place in Thanet. Thanks to the wonderful feedback from readers, we expand on that list. This is an updated listing of all Thanet Writers’ Groups.

We have tried to list all Thanet writers’ groups and poetry groups. I am still convinced that there are plenty more out there to find out about but I hope that this is enough to help you to find a writers group in Thanet (or close to Thanet) that will provide the support that you are looking for.

This post is out of date. For a more current overview of Thanet’s writers’ groups please visit our new page – Writer’s Groups in Thanet


Thanet Writers’ and Poets’ Groups

Ageless Thanet has free activities for people aged 50 or over who live in Thanet. These groups include Creative Writing, Life Writing, and a Film Project. For more information about any of the activities please call 01843 601550

Arts in Ramsgate run writing classes priced at £7.50. Facilitators for this are Karen Bellamy and author Katerina Dimond. They meet in Harbour Street Ramsgate. You should book in advance. More details about the event.

Broadstairs Writers’ Circle meet on the first and third Monday of the month (except August) at the Brown Jug Inn; 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Rumour has it that this is the longest running Thanet writers’ group.

Chapel Open Mic Night welcomes spoken word poetry and readings and runs at the Chapel pub Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8pm.

Dead Island Poets meet in pubs around Thanet mostly in the Ravensgate Arms for open mic poetry nights and are run by Penny. Dead Island Poets don’t have a site or a Facebook page but Thanet Creative Writers members often post events like these to the Thanet Creative Poets Facebook group.

Hilderstone Writers’ Circle is, as far as we can tell, run by Maggie Solley at Hilderstone Adult Education College, Margate. I don’t have any further details but the contact number is 01843 860860.

Isle Writers gather 2.00pm – 4.00pm on the third Wednesday of each month (except December) at Broadstairs Library.

Inspirations hold their meetings between 11am and 1pm at Westgate Library on the fourth Saturday of each month (except December). We can’t tell you much else about this Thanet writers’ group so if you are involved or go along please tell us more.

TCW: Poetry is an as yet unnamed poetry group that Thanet Creative Writers host. The focus is on helping new poets find their voice but all poets are invited to come along and read their poetry. People who simply love hearing poetry are also welcome. Events are always posted to the Thanet Creative Poets Facebook group.

Thanet Blogging Writers are a loose association of writers from Thanet that blog. A lot of them take part in our writing competitions. Check the directory listing for more on these great bloggers.

Thanet Creative Writers hold a number of events throughout the year. Matt hosts a weekly writers’ gathering at his home each Tuesday at 7:30pm (address at the bottom of most pages on this site) called Writers’ Tea and Chat. This Thanet writers’ group has no fixed agenda and is there for whatever writers feel they need to talk about. This tends to be review and feedback. Sometimes the cat joins us.

Thanet Script Writers are a group that meet in The Ravensgate Arms in Kings Street Ramsgate. Their focus is “writing box sets”. We understand that Thanet Script Writers don’t meet every week but we hear that they meet on a Tuesday about once a fortnight. If someone can update us with more accurate information that would be fantastic.

Thanet Write On is a Thanet writers’ group that has a few mentions about the web. Run by one Philip Cowlin by all accounts. Philip can be reached on 01843 293167 according to my sources.

Thanet Writers’ Group is a writer’s group founded around the same time we were (2013) that seems to be quite interested in sharing writing competitions. We don’t know much else about the Thanet Writers’ group. May or may not be connected to other groups of almost exactly the same name.

Thanet Writers (a group forked from, but not affiliated with, Thanet Creative Writers) They used to meet every Thursday at about 8pm at the Chapel (while open mic night is happening) to critique work and discuss the running of their website. We did hear a rumour that they had relocated to the Ravensgate Arms but cannot confirm this. Not to be confused with Thanet Writers’ Group. Why all the hate? I don’t need this stress.

Thanet Writers & Artists is a website project that I understand is being set up to promote writing and creativity with daily interviews, videos, and advice columns. According to an email I received, Thanet Writers & Artists are in the last stages of planning and launching. There is an associated group of creative types that meets for critiques and all that but the email did not say where or when they meet. I’ll update you when they update me.

Thanet Writes Right are another group that we have only recently heard about. The word is that Thanet Writes Right are a Thanet based writers’ group that meet in Margate Old Town somewhere. If you know more then please get in touch.

Third Thursday Writers’ is run by Peggy Rogers and is a University of the Third Age (U3A) group. There is a waiting list to join this Thanet writers’ group so you’ll need to make contact in advance.

Westbay Writers gather for writing exercises and support at Westbay Cafe Tuesday mornings 10am to 11.30am. Westbay Writers is hosted by Susan Emm who you can contact by email on

Writers of Thanet are an online link sharing group hosted by Reddit.

Writing Matters run paid causes in creative writing around Thanet. Prices seem to be about £80 for 8 weeks. Check the link for more information.

Writers’ Circle is run by Maria Brown and is a University of the Third Age (U3A) group. You should probably use the contact form to find out more information about this writers’ group.

Writers Unleashed meet in the Ravensgate Arms, King Street, Ramsgate at 8pm on the second Monday of the month. The group is aimed at writers of Poetry, Prose, Flash Fiction, and Song to read or perform or listen to others.

I’ve tried my best to get as much useful information here so you can find a writers group that suits you. Things change and the details were as reasonably accurate as the sources I was able to look them up on when I wrote this list. Huge thanks to the numerous local Groups and Forums that have helped compile this list with wonderful feedback.

Start your own Thanet writers’ group

Maybe there is nothing quite like what you need here? Perhaps you are looking for a group focused only on horror, hard Sci-Fi, romance. If that longing leads you to you starting your own group please do let us know and we will add you to our listing.

Too hard?

Members of Thanet Creative Writers’ charity are able to access free support setting up groups and events as well as being able to count on us to provide free promotion for the group or event. Join today.

Updates to this Thanet Writers’ groups post

  1. I could really live without the passive aggressive attacks. I am trying to provide as much information as I have regardless of any personal relationships. If posting nothing about one small group will stop the hate, that is what I will have to do.
  2. Added Westbay Writers. Keep them coming you wonderful people.
  3. Corrected the Dead Island Poets entry. I first met them in the Chapel and thought they used more than one venue. My bad.

Over to you

  • Have I missed any writers’ groups out? Then tell us in the comments.
  • Do you go to a writers’ group? What’s it like?
  • Anything else? You know where the comments are.

6 thoughts on “Thanet Writers’ Groups (Updated)

  1. Slight issue with the thanet writers entry. You say you heard a rumour that they were at the ravensgate but you, Matt, used to go to that group yourself. Don’t change history just because you don’t like it anymore. Also, dead island poetry meets at the ravensgate arms, not pubs across thanet.


    1. Of course I used to meet with the Thanet Writers group that used to meet at the chapel (and may or may not still do). Once upon a time, they were part of us. But it has been over a year and I have indeed heard many rumours none of which I can confirm which is exactly what I have said.

      If you have some up-to-date information for me I would be delighted to add it to the next revision.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Also, now I have seen your abusive link, let me be the first to congratulate you on being the first person to ever be blacklisted at this site. Do not let the door hit you on the way out.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. A blog post relating to a list of groups in an area is only as accurate as the information the author is given or researches.
    If anyone has any differing details relating to any of the groups mentioned above, then please contact Matt and he will edit the post.

    Thanet Creative Writers was set up to help writers do what they love. It was set up to pass along the knowledge that has been gained by years of blogging, writing, researching, and publishing. They are a laid back group of people who understand. It’s really that simple.
    If you are being told otherwise, I suggest that you contact an admin of TCW, or come along one Tuesday to see for yourself. Don’t let what other people, who have an unknown issue with TCW, cloud your judgment when you’ve never met them.

    They most emphatically don’t want any part of the ‘feud’ that seems to keep rearing its ugly head. Nobody on this side of the fence knows what they are talking about, where any of this is coming from or who you are. But, you keep being linked back to one group, and one group only, the ‘Used-to-meet-at-the-Chapel-but-may-or-may-not do-so-now group, who have stated in a letter, written to TCW, that they have nothing to do with this and don’t want to be involved. So why is this still happening and who is doing it?

    I have written this here in the hopes that anyone else who fancies taking a pop at TCW with a troll account, will read it and think otherwise. Get your facts straight before you start making nasty, unjustified and factually incorrect comments.

    Oh, and try to read and understand any posts you do comment on before you post, or you will make yourself look like an idiot!

    TW, if any of you are reading this, you need to start working out who it is that is intent on dragging your name through the mud. If you are truthful in your letter and you don’t know who this person is then you need to find out. TCW cannot help you in this matter, they aren’t the problem here.
    There’s been no contact between TCW and TW since TCW’s Peace post went up, months ago.

    TCW have enjoyed the quiet, it’s been rather relaxing not having to deal with trolls and drama from strangers and friends of strangers. They actually thought that it had all blown over and gone away.

    This is not what writing is about.


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