Week Three Winners

As you get stuck into the Week Four Theme, it is time to announce the winners of week three.

You might have noticed that the winners’ post has come a little later this week. This is because I have started to experiment with the timing of this second post. I wondered if waiting a few days might work better. Not to mention that I have had a few health issues.

As in weeks past, there are three areas to win in:

  1. Best post (as picked by me)
  2. Post with the most comments by different people
  3. Best comment (as picked by me)

The only thing I can say for certain at this stage is that the next time we run one of these, I am going to ask more people to help me pick the winners.

Best Post: Theological Mistakes

It was very hard to choose a winner. Again.

I wanted to pick several of you as winners. Again.

However, after going back and forth (again) and not being able to make up my mind (again), I chose the Night of Hats article. What particularly impressed me was the fusion of column-writing style with a blog post that starts by hinting that this might all be nonsense and yet keeps a straight face when it presents it. A well-deserved win.

Most Comments: If I invented my own religion

Although I was a bit dubious about the websites reported 40+ comments, this was the blog post with the most comments.

One oft-repeated technique for getting more comments is to end with a question. Think about giving it a try.

Best Comment: profbenj The Joy of Words

Like the posts, the comments are all of a similar standard. It was very hard to pick out a “best comment”. This one made my short list for engaging with the post and showing that the commenter had read it by asking an insightful question.

4 thoughts on “Week Three Winners

  1. Hope you’re better! I’m not sure I put a great deal more actual work in this than a normal post, but there was a bit of extra care:
    – both the anecdotes are ones I’ve thought about (and written about) before;
    – because I wasn’t sure I wanted to write on it, I made sure what I did write was worthwhile, at least to me;
    – it’s close enough to the trick of my time machine piece, of rejecting what the prompt offers me, that I deliberately steered it away and towards… what it is.

    All of which mostly took place in the planning stage (which sometimes looks like me daydreaming while cooking or waiting for the news to finish on the TV)


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